Style 5 Surround Assembly

  1. If you have never assembled a surround we suggest that you place the deck sections around the spa to familiarize yourself with their locations. When you turn parts face down to attach legs etc., be sure to place them on cardboard or other non-scratching surface to protect the finish.
  2. Begin with the steps. For this surround style, see separate assembly instructions for “Corner Step Assembly”.
  3. Toassemblethetablesections,matchthesidesectiontothefrontcorner.Screw the legs to the underside of the deck section where indicated, including the leg that the two sections will share. Screw on the braces where shown from the rear flange of the legs to the underside of the table. Now turn this assembly right side up and set in position by the spa.
  4. Plantersareshippedcompleteandmaybesetinposition.