Our Company

Providing Quality Spa Accessories for 30 Years 

Since 1988, A&B has been the world leader in quality spa accessories and patio furniture. Our innovative designs transform your spa into an elegant and relaxing space for family and friends. A&B Accessories’ products are easy to maintain and designed with maximum functionality in mind. Our products are 100% made in the USA and sold worldwide through a network of 4,877 Retail Dealers.

Our Associates

Our staff enjoys excellent working conditions with the latest in technologies and equipment for manufacturing spa accessories. The manufacturing facility operates on a 4 day, 10-hour schedule – giving our team 3 days off – every weekend! We are an equal opportunity employer that offers medical insurance, a retirement plan and paid vacations. We are very proud of our safety record of zero lost time accidents since 2004. Our average length of service is 18 years. All of our team members are committed to producing beautiful, functional spa accessories, gazebos, and more.

Green Initiatives & Material Stewardship

Our annual business plan features three initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. This has resulted in a 60% reduction in electrical consumption over the last 10 years. Byproduct (waste) has been reduced by 78% through changes in our raw material sourcing, packaging, improved manufacturing techniques and design of our spa accessories. When purchasing spa accessories from A&B, you are making the environmentally correct choice. A&B is proud to be using HDPE (high density polyethylene, a recycled material). When combined with structural aluminum they form a very strong, durable product with a lifetime warranty.

A&B is proud to help our local community by supporting the following organizations!