Easy Slider Assembly Guide

Position the Easy Slider arms as shown in the photograph above, so that the top of the arm is level with the top of the spa. Center the arms right to left allowing at least 1” clearance between the arms. Fasten to the spa cabinet with 8 each 2” screws provided making sure the uprights are plumb and the top of the arms are approximately 1/8th” higher than the top of the spa.

Use: Fold the cover and slide onto the Easy Slider arms. They will open to hold the cover. You can do this outside the spa pulling the cover toward you or inside the spa pushing the cover onto the arms. DO NOT LIFT UP ON THE COVER while opening as this will cause the arms to close. A sliding motion works best. Slide the cover back onto the spa and the arms will close by themselves.

Maintenance: The other wood parts may be renewed with A & B Wood Finish or a similar product. If the motion of the arms is not smooth, oil the points of movement using SAE 30 oil.

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