Assembly Guide for Style One

  1. If you have never assembled a surround we suggest that you place the deck sections around the spa to familiarize yourself with their locations. When you turn parts face down to attach legs etc., be sure to place them on cardboard or other non-scratching surface to protect the finish.
  2. To assemble steps simply position the top (narrow) step on the bottom step. Working from the rear of the steps, screw the top step to the bottom step. Position the steps on the control side of the spa.
  3. The 7” high enclosed corner is fully assembled and should be placed in position. If your spa needs an extension on the storage bench side, place it between the corner and the bench and attach to the enclosed corner.
  4. Assemble the storage bench by following the instruction sheet packed with the bench.
  5. Place the rear section and both rear corners face sown. Check alignment of the sections and attach legs where indicated in the diagram. Screw braces in place between the rear flange of the legs and the underside of the deck sections. Turn this assembly over and set in position at the spa.
  6. Now place the left front corner and left side section face down and align them together. Attach legs and braces as in previous step. Set in position by the spa.
  7. The side assembly and rear corner will share a common leg. Hold these parts in alignment and run screws form underneath to fasten the leg to both sections.
  8. If desired, you may screw the adjacent leg to the storage bench for additionalstability.
  9. We recommend refinishing the surround with A & B Wood Finish to protect thebeauty and durability of your surround.