A & B gazebos add to the spa experience by offering protection from the elements, privacy and convenience, setting a new standard for gazebos quality. Not only are the fit and finish of our gazebos above any other unit on the market, we have raised the bar with true solutions to problems commonly seen with our competitors.

Features such as residential-grade aluminum windows and doors offer excellent performance, ease of operations and simple maintenance. Our Galvalume metal roof systems have a 40-year warranty and will withstand 100 MPH wind gusts as well as 45-lb. snow loads. Envirotech HDPE is a durable, maintenance-free material that will look great after years of extreme exposures. Our furniture-grade high-density material is made from recycled plastic. It has a wood grain texture and solid color throughout (meaning scratches won’t show), with an incredible 50-year warranty. We currently manufacture our Envirotech gazebos in Chestnut Brown and Coastal Gray.

Our modular design allows you to create the perfect environment for your spa in your climate. Take a look at just a few of the unlimited options you have in building your ideal gazebo:

  • For those in temperate areas of the country, our gazebo option with four open sides or a pavilion structure provide both shade and shelter.
  • If your gazebo will be subject to more severe exposure, our fully enclosed units will keep you cozy and free of insects while enjoying your spa.
  • Live on the coast? Add louver options to your gazebo for privacy and breeze control.

We also offer an array of options to make your gazebo the best fit for your yard and your lifestyle, including:

  • Bars and stools
  • Interlocking tile floors
  • Fully screened sliding windows and doors

10 X 10 Deep Red Gazebo

Has four open sides. Optional interlocking tile floor available.  Add two windows and lower wall panels for a more private setting, with two sides open. For those in temperate areas, four open sides or pavilion provides shade and shelter.

10 X 10 Deep Red Gazebo

Enclosed with lower wall panels. Three sliding windows and a sliding patio door are fully screened. In more severe exposures, our fully enclosed units will keep you cozy and free of insects while enjoying your spa.

10 X 10 Deep Red Gazebo

Includes two louvers and lower wall panels with two open sides. Enclose one side and add a bar for a handy spot to relax. Add louver options for privacy and breeze control.

10 x 14 Coastal Gray Gazebo

Enclosed, with sliding door. Add a bar to entertain and relax.

14 X 14 Coastal Gray Gazebo

Includes two louver sections and lower wall panels. Moveable louvers provide privacy when needed or ventilation. One side is left open for a classic look.


Since 1988, A&B has been the world leader in quality spa accessories and patio furniture. Our innovative designs transform your spa into an elegant and relaxing space for family and friends. A&B Accessories’ products are easy to maintain and designed with maximum functionality in mind.